How it all begin?

It all began in 2020 when the Covid-19 epidemic had broken our back. Local Handicrafts is our Nation's Pride & preservation of crafts matters to us because for many this is their livelihood. Preserving the people and their lives means preserving our crafts and heritage so we decided to put the creative minds of our artisan to good use. 
With the efforts to create a natural, contemporary and affordable home furnishings we take pride in how much our family has grown in the short span of time, all because of the love and appreciation we have received from our customers.
Our Values 
We, at Bed & Beyondd are driven by a genuine desire to offer livelihood to the artisans, Produce high quality products, We care for each one of you, be it our clients, our suppliers, our artisans or our employees. We strive hard for an exceptional customer service.
Face behind the brand